Project Selection

Selection Schedule

Selection in semester 1 – for students starting FYP in semester 2 (January)

Selection in semester 2 – for students starting FYP in semester 1 (August)

S/N Description Timeline
Semester 1, AY2023/24
Semester 2, AY2023/24
Academic Staff to propose project Week 6 to Recess Week
18 Sep - 1 Oct
19 - 23 Feb
  Round 1 Selection Exercise
2a Discussion with prospective supervisors 2a Week 7 (Mon - Fri)
2 - 6 Oct
4 - 8 Mar
2b Students indicate project choice(s) online, after discussion with supervisors 2b Week 8 (Mon - Wed)
9 - 11 Oct
11 - 13 Mar
2c Staff indicate choice online 2c Week 8 Fri
By 13 Oct
By 15 Mar
2d Allocation of project in system 2d Week 9 Fri
By 20 Oct
By 22 Mar
  Round 2 Selection Exercise
3a Discussion with prospective supervisors 3a Week 10 (Mon - Fri)
23 - 27 Oct
25 - 29 Mar
3b Students without project after round 1, indicate project choice(s) online 3b Week 11 (Mon - Wed)
30 Oct - 1 Nov
1 - 3 Apr
3c Staff indicate choice online 3c Week 11 Fri
By 3 Nov
By 5 Apr
3d Allocation of project in system 3d Week 12 Fri
By 10 Nov
By 12 Apr
Manual Registration              Week 13
13 - 17 Nov
15 - 19 Apr


There are two rounds of project selection. All eligible students, regardless of GPA, will be able to participate in Round 1. Round 2 is for students who did not manage to secure a project from Round 1. Students may select 3 - 5 projects in each round. All students who want to be allocated a project must rank their preferences in the respective round. Allocation of project to students and staff will be done online via the Project Administration System. Students should check the allocation results online. If, for any reason, you decide to select a FYP after the above selection schedule, please liaise with the professors (potential supervisor) directly. Once the professor and you have reached a mutual agreement, please ask the professor to send the following details to Winnie, with a copy to the FYP Coordinators - Dr Boyd Anderson and A/Prof Hari K Garg: Student Name, Student ID, Project ID, Project Title and Supervisor's consent. The system will be updated accordingly.


Integrated Industrial FYP (a further 6-month extension) is only for those who have done a normal 6‐month industrial attachment and found a good project with the company. It is subjected to the approval of JAC. A proposal with the following contents should be submitted to JAC for their consideration: - Problem & Objectives - Status of work from the first 6-month - Proposed methodology - Proposed deliverables - Availability of resources for work