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Presentation slides for CEG Freshmen Welcome 2020 on 20 July 2020 

Presentation slides for Modreg demo 

Important Announcements for CEG1 Students, Sem 2 AY2020/21) -(as of 6 Jan 2021)

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Timetable via Modreg

C02-C11 grouping, Sem 2, AY20-21 (as of 28 Dec 2020)

C01A-C11 class timetable, Sem 2,AY20-21 (as of 11 Jan 2021)

CG1111 grouping

CG1112 timetable (for Week 1 only- revised as of 4 Jan 2021)

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Pre-req chart for AY2017 intake (Updated 2 Jan 2020)

NUS Bulletin - For module's brief description and other information e.g. pre-requisites and offer semester(s)

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CEG Freshmen Welcome and Curriculum Talk: 20 July 2020 (Monday), 9.30am