Programme Requirements

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering) Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements (Cohorts 2021/2022 onwards)

*We are in the midst of updating our website for students matriculating in AY2021/2022 onwards. Please check back for more updates.*

The Computer Engineering programme will adopt a new undergraduate curriculum structure for students enrolled in the new academic year starting in August 2021. Students will read a total of 160 modular credits (or the equivalent of 40 modules), as shown in the following schema:


*Existing courses in the current program can be taken as part of unrestricted electives.

The Common Curriculum is jointly developed by Faculty of Engineering (FoE), School of Design and Environment (SDE) and 6 industry partners who sit on the task force. It seeks to integrates knowledge and skillsets relevant to the professional training offered by both schools and to equip students with essential 21st century competencies. The following pillars make up the Common Curriculum, comprising 60 MCs (or the equivalent of 15 modules):


Applies to poly students who have APCs and need Math bridging
Applies to direct intake and poly students who need Physics bridging

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering)
Recommended Semester Schedule for A-level Students


Semester 1   Semester 2  
CS1010 Programming Methodology 4 GEA1000 Quantitative Reasoning with Data 4
EG1311 Design and Make
4 DTK1234 Design Thinking
MA1511 Engineering Calculus (Math bridging MA1301) 2 MA1508E Linear Algebra for Engineering 4
MA1512 Differential Equations for Engineering (Math bridging MA1301) 2 PF1101 Fundamentals of Project Management 4
CG1111A Engineering Principles and Practice I 4 CG2111A Engineering Principles and Practice II 4
(Physics bridging PC1201)
Sub-total 20 Sub-total 20
Semester 3   Semester 4  
ES2531 Critical Thinking and Writing 4 EG2501 Liveable Cities 4
IE2141 Systems Thinking 4 EE2211 Introduction to Machine Learning 4
CS1231 Discrete Structures 4 CS2113 Software Engineering & Object-Oriented Programming 4
CS2040C Data Structures &
4 CG2023 Signals & Systems 4
GE/UE (MA1511 + MA1512) 4 EE2026 Digital Design 4
Sub-total 20 Sub-total 20
Semester 5   Semester 6  
EG3611A Industrial Attachment
10 Xxxx Creating Narratives 4
EG2401A Engineering Professionalism 2 [CG2027 Transistor-level Digital Circuits + CG2028 Computer Organization] 4
GE/UE 4 CG2271 Real-time Operating Systems 4
    GE/UE 4
Sub-total 20 Sub-total 20
Semester 7   Semester 8  
EE4204 Computer Networks 4 GE/UE 4
CG4002 CEG Capstone Project 8 GE/UE 4
    GE/UE 4
Sub-total 20 Sub-total 20


Questions? Please refer to the FAQ on the New Curriculum.

Read more about the launch of the new curriculum here.