Programme Requirements

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering), BEng(CEG)

Academic Year 2021/22 and after

Modular Requirements Units
Common Curriculum Requirements 60
Singapore Studies - GESS 4
Cultures and Connections - GEC 4
Communities and Engagement - GEN 4
Critique and Expression - ES2631 Critique and Communication of Thinking and Design 4
Digital Literacy - CS1010 Programming Methodology 4
Data Literacy - GEA1000 Quantitative Reasoning with Data 4
Design Thinking - DTK1234 Design Thinking 4
Maker Space - EG1311 Design and Make 4
Systems Thinking - IE2141 Systems Thinking and Dynamics 4
Artificial Intelligence - EE2211 Introduction to Machine Learning 4
Sustainable Futures - EG2501 Liveable Cities (recoded to CDE2501 wef Sem 1, AY23/24) 4
Creating Narratives - CDE2000  4
Project Management - PF1101 Fundamentals of Project Management 4
Integrated Project - CG4002 Computer Engineering Capstone Project 1 8
Programme Requirements 60
Engineering Core 20
MA1511 Engineering Calculus 2
MA1512 Differential Equations for Engineering 2
MA1508E Linear Algebra for Engineering 4

EG2401A Engineering Professionalism[2]


CP3880 Advanced Technology Attachment Programme (12 units) OR

EG3611A Industrial Attachment[3] OR equivalent

CEG Major 40
CG1111A Engineering Principles and Practice I 4
CG2111A Engineering Principles and Practice II 4
CS1231 Discrete Structures 4
CG2023 Signals & Systems 4
CG2027 Transistor-level Digital Circuit 2
CG2028 Computer Organization 2
CG2271 Real-time Operating System 4
CS2040C Data Structures and Algorithms 4
CS2113 Software Engineering & Object-Oriented Programming 4
EE2026 Digital Design 4
EE4204 Computer Networks 4

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* Please note the semester in which CG-coded courses are offered:

Module Semester With effect from
CG1111A 1 AY2021/22
CG2111A 2 AY2021/22
CG2023 2 AY2017/18
CG3207 1 AY2011/12

1 : Students enrolled in Innovation and Design Programme (iDP) will read EG4301/A instead.

2 : Students enrolled in the Engineering Scholars Programme will read EG2101 Pathways to Engineering Leadership instead.

3 : Engineering students may take up to 20 units of credit-bearing internships, of which up to 10 units can be used to fulfil the major internship requirement and the remaining will be counted towards Unrestricted Electives. This limit does not apply to students enrolled in the Co-op programme.