Programme Requirements

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering), BEng(CEG)

Academic Year AY2017/18 to AY2020/21

Modular Requirements MCs
Core Modules * 88
CG1111 Engineering Principles and Practice I 6
CG1112 Engineering Principles and Practice II 6
CS1010 Programming Methodology 4
CS1231 Discrete Structures 4
MA1511 Engineering Calculus 2
MA1512 Differential Equations for Engineering 2
MA1508E Linear Algebra for Engineering 4
CG2023 Signals & Systems 4
CG2027 Transistor-level Digital Circuits 2
CG2028 Computer Organization 2
CG2271 Real-time Operating Systems 4
CS2040C Data Structures and Algorithms 4
CS2101 Effective Communication for Computing Professionals 1 4
CS2113T Software Engineering & Object-Oriented Programming 1 4
EE2026 Digital Design 4
EG2401A Engineering Professionalism 2
ST2334 Probability & Statistics 2 4
CG3207 Computer Architecture OR CS3230 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 4
CP3880 Advanced Technology Attachment Programme
EG3611A Industrial Attachment
CG4002 Computer Engineering Capstone Project 8
EE4204 Computer Networks (recoded from EE3204; last offer in AY17) 4
CEG Technical Electives
At least 12 MCs of Depth modules
Total MCs for Programme Requirements 108

To view a brief description of a module, including its pre-requisites and semester(s) it is being offered in, please use the search engine at the NUS Bulletin page or NUSMods <Modules>. Alternatively, search via LumiNUS.

* Please note the semester in which CG-coded modules are offered :

Module Semester With effect from
CG1111 1 AY2017/18
CG1112 2 AY2017/18
CG2023 2 AY2017/18
CG3207 1 AY2011/12


CEG students from AY2017/18 intake (& after)


CEG students from AY2018/19 intake (& after) may apply for a Minor in Data Engineering in Stage 3 of their studies. Application opens in early-June (after semester 2 exam results release).


1 : Students should read CS2113T Software Engineering & Object-Oriented Programming and CS2101 Effective Communication for Computing Professionals (twinned modules) in the same semester.
The following groups of students will take CS2113 instead because:
- USP students may read UWC2101% in lieu of CS2101,
- RVRC students may read ES1601 in lieu of CS2101,
- Students who qualify to read the advanced ES1501% Critical Thinking and Expository Writing, may read the module in lieu of CS2101.

Note: UTCP students are (still) required to read CS2101 (and CS2113T).

2 : CEG students pursuing a double degree with Mathematics/Applied Mathematics, or Second Major in Mathematics/Statistics will take ST2131 Probability, in place of ST2334.

These students should take ST2132 Mathematical Statistics as a core module in the Second Major in Statistics programme and are strongly encouraged to take ST2132 as an elective in the double degree with Mathematics/Applied Mathematics and Second Major in Mathematics programmes.

If a student has already taken ST2131 but later decides to withdraw from the Second Major in Mathematics/Statistics, he/she will still have to take ST2132 to fulfil BEng (CEG) degree requirements (before the eighth semester, so as not to delay his/her graduation).