Final Year Project


In this course, students will embark on a project that involves a mix of research, design and development components on a topic of current interest in Computer Engineering. Students learn how to apply knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to develop innovative ways of solving problems. In the process, students acquire skills for independent and lifelong learning.


The course is normally carried out over two semesters. Students commence their final year project (FYP) at the beginning of the academic year in August and complete around mid-April the following year. A handful may, for whatsoever reasons, start their FYP in January and complete in mid-November. Students are expected to work for approximately 15 hours per week on the project.

The course may also be structured as a further 6-month extension of an existing 6-month industrial attachment, where the student works on real life projects jointly supervised by NUS faculties and industry experts.


CEG students who are of level 4 standing or have completed/passed at least 112 units (including courses already registered for, in the project selection semester) may select the projects via Project Administration System.

Students are not allowed to do SEP/NOC/Internship/Industrial Attachment with FYP concurrently.

FYP Proposals

The projects may be proposed by (a) an academic staff member, (b) jointly between an academic staff member and an external organisation/company, or (c) initiated by a student and endorsed by an academic staff member.

(a) Academic Staff (CS/ECE) Proposed Projects

All full-time teaching staff members are invited to submit project proposals online. These projects are usually extensions of the research interests of the staff and require students to perform a more in-depth study of the area beyond that offered by coursework.

A list of such projects proposed by the professors, with a short description, pre-requisites/skills, deliverables, etc will be made available via Project Administration System.

(b) External Proposed Projects

Any FYP proposal from companies, other faculties within NUS, other institutions of higher learning, and research institutes are considered as externally proposed project. If an organization/company is interested in proposing a project, they can complete the prescribed form and seek collaboration with a CS/ECE academic staff to supervise the student. Alternatively, academic staff may also solicit projects from interested companies for collaboration on topics of mutual interest. All such external projects must have at least one CS/ECE supervisor. Other conditions of FYP remain applicable.

If a student takes the initiative, then he/she should request the organization/company to submit the project proposal using the prescribed form; and with the consent from an academic staff member.

In both academic staff proposed and externally proposed projects, students should discuss the project with the professors during the project discussion periods, so that there is sufficient time to think through the right project to work on.

(c) Student self-proposed, UROP/Internship or Industrial Attachment (IA) Related Projects

If you have your own idea for an individual project, it is your responsibility to find a professor who approves of the proposal AND is willing to supervise it. You may look through the websites to identify professors who work in the specific area of your proposed research project.

CS Academic Staff:
ECE Academic Staff: 

Complete the form and take it along with other materials you may have, to discuss with the professor.

For UROP/IA extension, student should discuss the project with his UROP/IA supervisor (before working on the proposal to extend it to a FYP). Prior to the continual assessment, the student must submit his/her UROP/IA report together with the CA report to the examiner (Main Evaluator). This is to ensure that the FYP is a meaningful extension of the UROP/IA and there should not be any double counting of credits (towards FYP and UROP/IA).

Student should indicate in the proposal if he/she intends to complete the IA-extended project within 6 months (i.e. complete 12 units within year 4, semester 1 instead of 6 units/semester of final year).