FYP-related Awards

There are numerous FYP-related awards at the University level, and at the College of Design and Engineering (CDE) or School of Computing (SoC) level, which CEG4 students, working on their BEng dissertation, may submit an application for. Please look out for the email calls and follow the respective instructions and timelines. Some of these awards are not restricted to FYPs solely; students with outstanding innovative/research/design projects may also apply. A summary is provided as follows:

SoC Innovation Prize (SoC)

Open to all CEG students (regardless the home department of project main supervisor)

Innovation & Research Award abbreviated as IRA (CDE)
Only CEG students, whose main supervisors are from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, are eligible to apply

Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize abbreviated as OUR (University-level)

CEG students with CS main supervisor should follow SoC’s timeline/processes while CEG students with ECE main supervisor should follow CDE’s timeline and submit for IRA (because nomination(s) for OUR Prize, via CDE, will be shortlisted from IRA winners).