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Build Your Own Degree

Starting from Academic Year 2021/2022, CEG will adopt a new undergraduate curriculum structure that gives students greater choice, breadth and flexibility in charting their learning journeys. This curriculum structure is jointly developed with the School of Design and Environment (SDE).

Unrestricted Electives: Within and Beyond Computer Engineering

The NUS curriculum structure has provisions for Unrestricted Elective modules (UEM), which allow students to explore greater breadth or depth in any subject and at any level.

If you wish to go deeper within your chosen engineering discipline, you may opt to read a specialisationIf you prefer instead to broaden your knowledge and skills in a complementary or contrasting area, consider taking a minor or second major.




Carve your career path with endless possibilities.

Check out our Alumni video series here as they share about NUS Engineering journey.

In the new Computer Engineering curriculum, students have 40 modular credits (MCs) of space for Unrestricted Electives. This means you will have the flexibility of taking a second major, a minor and specialisation, two minors, or two specialisations with your UEM. These fit well into your degree structure without you having to delay graduation.

Other options of using your UEM space include:

  • Enhancement Modulesexperiential learning opportunities for innovation and research within CDE
  • Project Modules: experience research through active participation, experiencing first-hand the challenges and exhilaration of research and discovery, and impactful software development projects within SOC
  • Design Your Own Module (DYOM): students may choose what they want to learn, how they wish to learn, and from whom they wish to learn, for up to 8 MCs
  • Career Catalyst: foundational module to kickstart students’ preparation for internships and their future careers


Second Majors, Minors & Specialisations

Choose from more than 35 Second Majors and 50 Minors / Specialisations across nine different Faculties and Schools in NUS. 


Examples of minors taken by current Engineering students

You can declare or apply for a second major or minor no later than the fifth semester of your study. Application for a specialisation usually takes place at the end of your fourth semester.

For the following combinations, applicants can also indicate at the point of application to NUS: