Posted on: 6 Mar 2023
CG4001/CG4003 FYP <August Batch> - Final Assessment

Posted on: 6 Mar 2023 
CG4003 FYP <January Batch> - Continual Assessment



  1. FYP Project Proposal Form by Student (as of March 2013)
  2. FYP Project Proposal Form by External Organisations (as of March 2013)
  3. Project Update Form (as of September 2014)


CEG students should use the common CG4001/CG4003 Cover and Title Page (i.e. as First and Second Page). For subsequent pages (i.e. page 3 and onwards), please follow the guidelines as recommended by the home department of your project supervisor:


With effect from Sem 1, AY20/21

> Continual Assessment (CA)
- CA Evaluation – Supervisor
- CA Evaluation – Main Evaluator

> Final Assessment (FA)
- FA Evaluation – Supervisor
- FA Evaluation – Main Evaluator