Computer Engineering

Industrial Attachment

CEG students who are keen in a 6-months industrial attachment (IA) may apply through the respective system. Note: 6-months IA is compulsory for students from AY2014 intake (and onwards).

- CP3880 Advanced Technology Attachment Programme (ATAP offered by SoC)

Posted on: 4 September 2018
Apply for ATAP (Jan - July 2019) from 4 Sept

- EG3611 Industrial Attachment (IA offered by FoE)

Posted on: 16 August 2018
Apply for IA (Jan - Jun 2019) from 15 Aug

  • Read on for the additional 6 months Integrated Industrial FYP

Students performing a 6-months industrial attachment may self-propose, or together with the company that they are attached to, a 6-months extension to pursue their final year project (CG4001 B.Eng. Dissertation) in the company. Students must be of level 4 standing (or be on track to achieve level 4 standing) at the time of commencement of the project.

All such proposed projects shall be evaluated and if deem fit, approved by the CEG Joint Academic Committee. The projects should have a varied mix of research, design and development components.

A student taking this route, will work full time on the project in the industry, jointly supervised by an NUS supervisor and an industrial mentor. The supervisors will continuously monitor the student's progress. The student will keep a logbook of activities during the duration of his/her project. He/She will be required to submit two reports - for continual assessment and final assessment (at the end of the semester). At the final assessment, a dissertation is to be submitted and defended by the student.

Note that there should be no/minimal overlap in the content covered in the final thesis (for work done to fulfil final year project) and in the IA report (for work done in the first 6 months).

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CEG students who are keen in a 3-months internship (May - July/August) may apply through the respective system:

- CP3200 Student Internship Programme (SIP offered by SoC)

Posted on: 26 March 2018
Apply for SIP (May - Jul 2018) in Round 2 by 30 March (+ instructions to access Project Administration)

- EG3612 Vacation Internship Programme (VIP offered by FoE)

Posted on: 5 February 2018
Apply for VIP (May - Jul 2018) from 5 Feb - 1 May


  • Self-initiated IA/internship may be proposed via either FoE or SoC. Please refer and follow the instructions on the respective sites.

  • Students who are keen in 12-months IA (i.e. EG3611/CP3880 AND industrial-based CG4001) are recommended to plan early (for attachment in Year 3, semester 2 and Year 4, semester 1).

  • AY2013/14 intake & prior: Students may earn credits for either industrial attachment OR internship only once regardless whether it's applied via FoE or SoC. Only one 12-MCs (for IA) OR one 6-MCs (for internship) allocation, fulfilling graduation requirements (under UEM), will be allowed.

  • AY2014/15 intake & after: Students are NOT allowed to take two rounds of 3-months internship, in lieu of 6-months (compulsory) IA. In view of compulsory IA (typically in Year 3), CG3002 and EE3204 will be offered in both semesters. CG3207 will be offered in semester 1 (only), as an evening module.

  • While CEG students may apply for industrial attachment OR internship, via either FoE (IA/VIP) or SoC (ATAP/SIP), please DO NOT apply both sides, then decide on the 'preferred' offer - it does not leave a positive impression to reject an offer. Also, it will affect another applicant.

  • As ATAP/SIP and IA/VIP are administered at School/Faculty level, if you have any related queries, please check with the respective School/Faculty administrators directly. If necessary, you may cc a copy of your queries to Mun Bak (CEG2 students) or Winnie (CEG3 students).

  • While students on IA are allowed to take up to two modules that are offered in the evenings, this is subjected to the necessary approvals and availability of the modules. Please do not expect that you will definitely be able to read two modules.

  • FoE IA/VIP registration system only accepts mentor's NUSNET email; the NUSNET emails of ECE mentors start with 'ele' while that for CS mentors start with 'dcs'.

  • With effect from AY2014/15, HR2002 is no longer offered in the evenings. With effect from AY2015/16, EG2401 is offered in the evenings.