Achievements & News page 2


December 2019:

Always glad to hear (read about) how our alumni are doing. A shout-out to CEG alumnus Mohit Shridhar from Class of 2017!


November 2019:

Our congratulations to CEG4 Francis Lee and teammate once again! The pair won the top prize at the Global Virtual Reality (VR) Championship Hackathon 2019 that was held in Shanghai, China from 4 to 7 November.


November 2019:

CEG2 Yan Zhiwen and his teammates snagged the first prize at the Singapore Airlines (SIA) AppChallenge 2019 and won an all-expense paid trip to Silicon Valley. Congratulations!

October 2019:

We are pleased to receive news that three CEG students are among the awardees, following a grant call for I&E Practicum@SoC in June 2019. Congrats to CEG2 Jerry Zhang (AtomiCloud) & Rishi Mahadevan (CoduE), and CEG3 Srivastava Aaryam (Social Vision)!

September 2019:

We are proud to learn that CEG1 Kingston Kuan was among six Computing students who were named award winners at the inaugural NUS Bug Bounty Challenge 2019.

September 2019:

Congratulations to CEG3 Tay Kang Ming and his NCTO teammates for winning the first prize at the Elevate Tech Jam Hackathon that was held from 21 to 22 September in Toronto, Canada.

September 2019:

Congratulations to CEG2 Shaun Teo and his teammates for winning the first prize at F10 Fintech Hackathon 2019.

August 2019:

Congratulations to CEG4 Francis Lee and his teammate for clinching the Best VR Award at XR.Hack 2019. The pair won a trip to Shanghai, to compete in the upcoming Global VR Hackathon.


July 2019:

CEG3 Dalson Tan and his NOC Beijing teammates participated in the AngelHack Beijing Hackathon 2019 that was held from 13 - 14 July. Out of the 21 global teams, they emerged winners for the Amazon Web Services Challenge, and are awarded with AWS credits and a chance to work with AWS in future start-up developments. The AWS Challenge Award is given to the team that develops the best working app, and at the same time, demonstrating strong creativity and business potential. Congrats to Dalson and the team!


July 2019:

During his industrial attachment at Autodesk, CEG4 Ryan Teo was also a laser cutting instructor at the company's maker studio. He hosted his ECE juniors at a workshop where he introduced the basics of 2D design and laser cutting. 

July 2019:

Congratulations to Paul Tan Han Kiat (Class of 2019) for winning the Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize (Individual) with his BEng Dissertation! His self-initiated FYP, supervised by A/Prof Chin, was titled 'CIR: Compile-time evaluation and metaprogramming system for the C Programming language'. 

May 2019:

Amidst his industrial attachment at Autodesk Singapore, CEG4 Ryan Teo participated in an internal hackathon. The team created an intelligent system to help identify the root cause of incidents and ensure that only the relevant teams are activated for recovery. For increasing efficiency and reducing the mean time for incident resolution, the team was awarded the Business Relevance Award.

May 2019:

Our congratulations to CEG3 Celine Lim and her teamates (who are currently at NOC Silicon Valley), for clinching the Champions prize at the Minerva Hackathon last month!

April 2019:

CEG1 Justin Chia responded to a grant call for I&E Practicum@SoC in January 2019. We are glad to receive news that he is named one of the awardees, with his 'JumpQueue' app.


January 2019:

Congratulations to our Computer Engineering students and their teams for winning two of the Top 8 Prizes at Hack@Roll 2019. Check out their awesome apps: AA - CrimeDetect and CI - FoodExchange - and more!


January 2019:

Our congratulations to CEG4 Chong Ze Xuan and his Team Gestice League, for winning Makerthon 2019. Check out theirs and other cool projects!



December 2018:

Our congrats to Team Bumblebee on clinching the first prize at the 2018 Maritime RobotX Challenge!


August 2018:

CEG alumnus Kuan Jun Ren from the Class of 2018, and his iDP teammates spent two years to successfully build a quadcopter drone that is powered entirely by solar energy.

July 2018:

Congratulations to Tean Zheng Yang (Class of 2018) for winning the Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize (Individual) with his FYP titled 'Cloud Computing System Design and Implementation', supervised by Dr Richard Ma. Our congratulations also goes to CEG3 Nguyen Van Hoang and his project mates from Medicine and Computing; they won the OUR (Group) prize for their Health Emergency Resource Organiser (HEROsg) app.


June 2018:

CEG2 Francis Lee and his team Insert Space won the Airbus Innovation Prize at ActInSpace, a global space hackathon that was held in France. They will be visiting Airbus.


June 2018:

CEG3 Ang Zhi Yuan (first from left) and his team H4rdG4m3 came up top at the Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp 2018.

April 2018:
Four CEG4 students were nominated by their FYP supervisors to participate in the ECE FYP Poster Competition on 17 April 2018.For his project titled 'Control Plane Resilience in Software Defined Networks’ which was supervised by Assoc Prof Mohan Gurusamy, Lim Yong Zhi won the second prize. Rebecca Ng and her EE4 teammate were awarded one of the consolation prizes for their project - Galassia 2: A Student Developed CubeSat for Remote Sensing - supervised by Dr Luo Sha. Congratulations to our final-year students.


January 2018:

At the inaugural Robots@NUS Competition, CEG2 Clement Tan and his Team RHobois won the top Emmet Brown prize with their Silver Flexer, while CEG2 Francis Lee and his teammates were named the first runner-up with their Handroid.



October 2017:

Congratulations to CEG4 Baron Chan of Team Puppercino for single-handedly achieving second runner-up placing in PSA Game IT 2017.


October 2017:

Congratulations to Varun Badrinath Krishna for being named a 2018 Siebel Scholar. Krishna is currently a final year PhD student at the department of ECE, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA and is our Computer Engineering alumnus from the Class of 2011.


September 2017:

The Future Economy Scholarship for Malay Computing students was launched this year. CEG2 Adil Bin Azmoon is one of the three scholarship recipients. Congratulations to Adil!

August 2017:

Six months industrial attachment is compulsory for our students starting AY2014 intake. We can already guess the one advice that CEG3 Baron Chan will likely share with his peers and juniors.


August 2017:

Congratulations to the NUS Computing team for winning the coveted 2017 RSS Best Systems Paper Award! We are proud of CEG & DCP alumnus Mohit Shridhar, from our Class of 2017.


July 2017:

Congratulations to CEG4 Lim Yi Hong for winning the Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize (Individual) with his BEng Dissertation!

May 2017:

Two interesting projects, with real-life applications, that were undertaken by our CEG4 students for their Final Year Projects (FYP), in collaboration with a) the Departments of Chinese Studies and Geography, and b) the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health. The FYPs were supervised by Assoc Prof Arthur Tay.

April 2017:

CEG4 Ong Jing Qin is among the students selected to join Assoc Prof Martin Henz in his next voyage to Anambas. They are setting sail right after the examination this month-end. Bon voyage!



December 2016:

Our vote goes to the pressure-sensitive keypad to counter fraud, created by CEG3 Lim Yong Zhi and his Team Smiley members, for Thales Project Arduino.

July 2016:

Congratulations to CEG4 Luan Wenhao for winning the Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize (Individual) with his BEng Dissertation!


September 2016:

They are going on an all-expense-paid trip to Facebook's Headquarters, after winning the first prize at the Facebook Singapore Hackathon. Congratulations to CEG2 Harsh Gadodia, Yeo Kai Yan and the team!


May 2016:

More than 250 applications were received for the MPA Global Internship Award 2016. Among the 34 undergraduate recipients is CEG3 Tean Zheng Yang - the first (and only) awardee pursuing a Computer Engineering degree.


April 2016:

CEG4 Manikandan Thyagesh and Lim Anli were nominated by their FYP supervisors to participate in the FYP Poster Presentation, organised by ECE Department, on 15 April 2016.

Thyagesh won the second prize, for his project titled 'Vehicle Movement Profiling'. His project was supervised by Prof Lawrence Wong.


March 2016:

Very pleased to know our CEG alumni, from Class of 2015, have an awesome start to their careers.



December 2015:

CEG4 Daniel Lee and his team, PD Loggers, won the first prize at the Intel Singapore Invent 50 Competition, while CEG3 Wee Yan Ru Mervyn, Luigi Marshall Chua Cham and their DCP teammate were named the 1st runner-up.


July 2015:

Ling Chun Kai, our valedictorian from the Class of 2015, bagged numerous awards and earned his bragging rights when he graduated with perfect 5.0! However, we think he will unlikely say much of the feat. As per his FYP supervisor, Dr KH Low, "Chun Kai is arguably the most talented (yet humble) local whom I've met to be capable of such non-trivial and meaningful research work." Congrats & all the best to Chun Kai!


June 2015:

CEG4 Sandeep Paul, from the Class of 2015, has been selected as the winner of the NUSS Medal for Outstanding Achievement for AY2014/2015, by the Faculty of Engineering. He will also be receiving the Engineering Colours Award (Silver) at the award ceremony next month - Congratulations!


January 2015:

CEG3 Kadayam Suresh Kaushik has multiple talents, and put them to meaningful causes.



November 2014:

CEG4 Radhakrishnan Vivek and his Team garnered numerous awards for their autonomous underwater vehicle – well done!

August 2014:
Congratulations to CEG4 Chen Liang! His FYP came in third for the 2014 IEEE Region 10 Student Paper Contest.
July 2014:
Congratulations to our CEG4 students for snagging the Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize with their Final Year Projects!

Individual: Lin Lin

Group: Koh Chun Chao Roland and Weng Jin Jie Paul
June 2014:
Congratulations to CEG4 Neha Mittal for winning the FYP Innovation Award!



September 2013:

Tops in Biotechnology category at 2013 GlobalTiC Talentpreneur Award & Forum; Congratulations to CEG4 DCP Shambavi, Rahul & their team!


August 2013:

Two CEG teams top the iCreate Mobility Challenge 2013; Congratulations to Team Westeros and Chatty!

CEG students have been bagging top places since the first iCreate Mobility Challenge in 2011, well done!


August 2013:

CEG Goh Eng Wei (Class of 2013) and CEG3 Tran Thanh Quang, Louis are part of Team BumbleBee who entered the 16th international RoboSub 2013 Finals and emerged 7th in the overall standings.